The history of our company is the story of three generations of a family whose tradition is closely linked with the art of jewellery making.Since its foundation, this family business has focused on quality, innovation and differentiation. Our main motivation has always been to ensure our customers’ satisfaction by offering a direct and personalised service as well as by creating designs adapted to each market’s specific trends and requirements.

From the most exquisite collections of handcrafted silver jewellery to the large-scale production of commercial lines of gold stud earrings, from our first steps in the Spanish market to a leading position in the international scenario, from successful and memorable times to challenging times of crisis…

Our company has always fought for survival and risen to the challenges and the drastic and continuous changes in the market and environment.We have come a long way since the 70s. Currently, we are facing new attitudes, radically changing prices for raw materials, market insecurities and a financial crisis that is already making history.

Nevertheless, we are working hard and will continue to do so with the same commitment and enthusiasm we started out with, putting our energy into creating innovative and profitable designs, and offering outstanding customer service in our effort to continue expanding our business on the international stage.


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